Keep the Potpourri

“For the sense of smell has the power, more than any other, to recall memories.”

-Rachel Carson-

journal entry:

There was a time when I thought that potpourri lasted only a season.  I guess it still depends on what is in it.  I love potpourri.  The best thing about this one is its age.  I bought it in a celophane bag over twenty years ago.  That was when my favorite Salt Lake City store was still in business.  ZCMI.   This store was established very near 1850 when the pioneers first came to the Salt Lake Valley.  It carried nice and classy things.  During my working years, I bought dresses and suits there.  This potpourri takes the cake.  I love the combination of things in it but I mostly love the smell. It is a combination of musty smells from the forest and vanilla.  When I bought the bag, I also bought a tiny bottle of refresher oil.  It has been gone for at least 10 years.  Yet, I store this mixture in a glass jar with a lid and get it out each fall.  It still smells wonderful.  Just a gentle reminder that if you make or buy a good quality of potpourri, and save it in a ziploc bag or in glass, it will last for years and years.   When my children walk into my home in autumn, they say:

“Ohhhhh.  I remember that smell.”

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