Race You to Dinner ! Place Mats for Boys

“Leave sooner, drive slower, live longer.”


journal entry:

There are two ways to look at these place mats.  Some children will stay at the table longer and eat more so that they can play with them while others will be so distracted by the cars that they won’t eat at all.  Guess we’ll find out.  These are super duper easy and really fun.

  • find a piece of 12×12 paper at the scrapbook store.  try to find one that has a companion print on the other side of it.
  • heavy card stock is best
  • raised roads and vehicles like these are also more fun that flat roads
  • cut a 12×12 piece of plain card stock into 2 pieces
  • butt the edges against each other and seal with a sticker strip
  • use a corner rounder to round all four edges
  • add some of the road signs to the plain card stock side
  • add a child’s name if you want to
  • add a child’s photo if you want to

If you want to make a VERY large place mat, you can add a 6×12 piece of card stock to EACH side of the 12×12 paper.  Because these were large, I couldn’t laminate them in my little laminator.  I took them to a local school supply store for lamination using their big machine.  The cost was very reasonable. Then I trimmed them, leaving 1/2 inch of lamination beyond the edges of the paper.   Even if the race cars crash into the milk, it doesn’t matter  {too much}.  Just wipe the place mat clean and park the cars !

“Ask a child what he wants for dinner, only if he’s buying !”

-Fran Lebowitz-

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