Drawstring Toy Bags

“When I am grown to a man’s estate,

I shall be very proud and great,

And tell the other girls and boys,

NOT to meddle with my toys !”

-Robert Louis Stevenson-

journal entry:

I have a very vivid memory of toy bags I made for my son.  I had just painted his small basement room white and made a bright red, blue and green tied quilt for his bed.  I had framed a print of a little boy talking to a bird for his wall and had found a bright red rug to put next to his bed.  To solve the problem of toys . . . I made four large drawstring bags out of busy prints in the colors of the quilt.  Into each one I put the toys that drove me nuts.  Toys in this category included Legos, matchbox cars and other miscellaneous things.  I hung the bags inside of the closet on sturdy hooks.  What ever happened to those bags.  He tells me that after asking him to clean his room many, many, many times . . . and threatening him with every punishment I finally snapped.  He ignored the requests and came home one day to find his room quite bare and several black trash bags leaning against the garbage can.  YIKES !  I can’t imagine it, but he claims that is where the Legos and Matchbox Cars went.  To the thrift store.  I don’t think so but who knows?  These toy bags are for the next generation of messy boys.  They were easy.  They were inexpensive.  They have been a hit.  Boys drag all kinds of things around in them.  Girls like toy bags too, but that is for another day.

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