Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Lake

“Help your brother’s boat across,

and your own will reach the shore.”

-Hindu Proverb-

journal entry:

Water.  What is it about water?  Children can’t get enough of it . . . unless it is  bath time when they aren’t ready to give up on the day.  Brothers working together to secure an anchor.  Photographing children outdoors is SO easy.  Sun, air, water, sunscreen, treats, water bottles, floaty things, things washed ashore from deep in the lake, birds squawking and trying to steal Cheetos, things to dig with, buckets to put things in . . . all are part of the magic of summer, near the water,  without any thoughts about time.  Silly time.  Just mud and sun and sand until the sun goes down . . .


“There is nothing to make you

like other human beings

so much as doing things for them.”

-Zora Neale Hurston-

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