Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Bug Jar

“Some days you’re a bug . . .

some days you’re a windshield.”

-Price Cobb-

journal entry:

Boys and bugs.  Girls don’t seem to feel the same way about them.  They like to say “oh, what a cute little bug.”  Boys like to say “Get that bug!”  So, I make sure that little boys have plenty of containers  for summer bug hunting.  I don’t worry too much.  They always let them go after they have buried them in leaves and sticks.  Our yard is full of grasshoppers, squash bugs, butterflies, moths, worms, caterpillars, praying mantis, ants, centipedes (under the rocks), stick bugs, stink bugs, dragonflies, crickets and daddy long legs.  For his birthday, Grandpa gave Talmage a bug book.  So, every time the little children find a bug they don’t recognize, they check it out in the bug book.


“I like bugs a lot better since watching ” A Bug’s Life”

but not “enough better”

to invite them into the house.”



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