Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Helping Hand

“Like sunshine in the morning that wakens day from night,

Like flowers in the springtime so colorful and bright.

Like happy songs of bluebirds that fill the air with cheer,

A person bright and lovely is my mother dear.

-A Primary Song-

journal entry:

The most ordinary things in life often solicit the strongest emotions.  The simple task of helping a little child to go outside, can touch a heart.  It touched mine.  There was nothing out of the ordinary about the moment, but something about my daughter bending over her little son . . . making sure that his jacket was zipped . . .  gave me a familiar feeling. It was feeling of watching love in action.  While there is light coming in through the door . . . I can’t see beyond it.  My little grandson is looking outside just as we all look ahead in life, without ever knowing what is coming next.

These are the moments I treasure when I am fortunate enough to capture them through my eyes and the eye of my camera.  They remind me that ordinary things  in life like showing kindness often leave the most powerful memories.

“Our whole life is solving puzzles.”

-Erno Rubik-

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