Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Black Dress

“Do not trouble yourself to get new things

whether clothes or friends.

Sell your clothes and keep your thoughts.”

-Henry David Thoreau-

journal entry:

It was raining and there was little to do inside.  Ivy read books and watched a movie.  She helped with  cookies and she fixed a  salad.  She prowled through the bookcases looking for something else to read. Then I thought of the black dress.  It was my dress.  Looking at Ivy, I could tell that she was just right for it.  I wondered what she thought about dressing up . . . in the black dress . . . and taking some pictures?   She flew down the stairs and returned with it.  It was covered with plastic.  It fit her perfectly.  It was soft and stylish.  It was long.  We swept up her hair and picked a spot by the window.  It was a gray day.  A rainy day.  It was a day for thoughtful faces and far away looks.  It was a perfect day for a young girl to wear a pretty, black dress.

” Sometimes I wish that I could go back to being six,

when all I had to worry about

was which dress to put on Barbie

or whether or not I had enough Legos

to build a beauty shop for her.”

-Author Unknown-

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