Bright Little Quilt


I am not a quilter. Not in the traditional sense. But, I am ready to try.

Oh, I have made patched quilts which I have tied but I have not made a quilt which required serious machine stitching and a binding finished by hand. This small and bright “strip quilt” incorporated both principles and so my practice has officially begun.

I used the flowered print as my anchor because I loved the red, green, blue and gold in it. Then I found a funky companion fabric for each of the colors in the anchor print. Since I am so new at this, I was VERY careful cutting the strips. I made a cardstock pattern and faithfully outlined and cut each strip using the pattern.

How did pioneer women make such beautiful quilts in between washing clothing in the stream and baking bread every day and keeping their children safe from big animals?

This is just a little quilt for fun. Not for warmth or necessity. It is only the size of a baby crib but it is bright and soft and I made it. Now I have the confidence to start on the next one !



“Measure twice, cut once”.

(This person knew me well)





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