Dress-Ups for Little Girls


I have a big plastic bin full of slinky, silky fabric scraps. Some are long and some are very long and some are wide and some could be a whole dress for a little girl.

Hanging on the doorknob of the playroom are fairy wings in every color. They came from the dollar store. There are funky headbands and very inexpensive plastic earrings and bracelets. Left to themselves, little girls find a million ways to wrap and tie and drape and accessorize.

It is so fun to watch.



Little girls don’t just dress-up once. They do it over and over. These two cousins are ready for another costume. Made entirely from their own minds and my playroom odds and ends. They end-up dressing themselves in ways I would never have imagined.



Hats from the dollar store with trailing silk.

Swimming suit cover-ups with a headband for a belt.

(you have to have a teeny waist for the headband part)

The joy of pretending and the fun of having photographs taken.

I still remember “dress-ups” and I am a Grandma.

We used old clothes and hats and jewelry just like my granddaughters do.

The only difference was that no one was hovering around with a camera.

I like the “Grandma take my picture” part the very best.

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