Little Clotheslines

Little things for little people are just about the most fun things to make in the whole, wide world. They are usually absolutely useless except to a little person and a grandmother who loves to make them to make little people squeal and clap their hands.

These brightly-colored plastic boxes were $1 at the craft store. Inside of the lid is a photo of a little girl hanging out the wash. Little girls used to do things like that in case you didn’t know. They carried heavy baskets of wet clothes outside and neatly hung each piece with wooden pegs from a clothespin holder which hung on the end of the clothesline in rain or shine.

Images of little people clothing came from the Internet, of course, which I easily saved and printed out. I mounted them on lightweight chipboard and embellished a few with buttons I had in my big, glass button jar which sits quietly on the window sill by my desk.

I found two sets of clothespins in my scrapbook stuff, tucked away for just such a possibility. Shiny small gold pins. Small wooden pegs. I made the clothesline from heavy twine, connected to two tiny peel-off hooks on each end of the inside lid. Real clothesline used to be made of thick wire or cord.

Little girls can have all of the clothes they have dreamed of. Mothers can secretly play with the little clothesline and all of the clothes they wished they had worn when they were little people. The possibilities are as endless as pictures of clothes.

There is just nothing in the wonderful world like the smell of newly dried clothes from a clothesline or the sight of clean clothes and sheets and towels flapping and snapping in the breeze. I imagine that clotheslines are as old as the world and if you haven’t had one, you have missed something fine.


Little things are full of joy.

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