Tally’s Quilt

Talmage has a new bedroom . . . all to himself. That means that Holden now has a bedroom all to himself which he used to share with Tally. According to their mother, there is much more peace in the house. I thought that the occasion called for a bed quilt large enough to be a bedspread.

I asked Tally’s mother. She said ” Oh, yes. Oh, yes.”

This twin-sized quilt is made from mostly scraps I cut from thrifted pajama pants. I prowled for unusual fabrics, brought them home and washed them, and cut them into squares. ( there is a lot of fabric in a pair of pajama pants )

Other squares came from my sewing closet and from the fabric store. The pillowcase is covered with wolves (yikes) and made from premium flannel. This is flannel which will not shrink very much, feels wonderful and holds its shape.

Tally immediately put it on his bed and gave me a very nice hug. I am told by his mother that his bed is neatly made each morning and his wolf-covered pillow is all fluffed up.

I believe in handmade things.




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