Lydia’s Blanket

journal entry:

Lydia is one of those children who has a special blanket.  Actually it used to be a blanket but is no more.  It is a rag. Completely unrecognizable as the blanket it once was. Nevertheless, Lydia has cherished it for five years. Through all of its stages.  The sum total of her years on earth. Her mother has faithfully washed it and washed it until it hangs in shreds but is still beautiful to Lydia. She can’t bear to give it up.

One day when Lydia was visiting, I asked her if she would like a new blanket. Similar to the old blanket. She thought for a minute and then said that she would. We talked about what it should look like and the colors I should choose. I asked her if when I made her new blanket, her mommy could throw away the old blanket. Lydia said YES.


Lydia is a girl through and through.  She is generally wearing a skirt. I knew that she would want a very girly blanket. So I chose dusty rose and soft green.  I tied it with fabric ribbon rather than yarn and added ribbon flowers here and there.  The edge is finished with the biggest cream-colored rick-rack I could find.


The fabric label was my finishing touch. It is homemade.  I folded the blanket over a chair and waited for her visit. She threw her arms around my neck and told me how much she loved her new blanket. She said that she was going to take it with her everywhere and when it wore out like the first one she would ask me to make another. I said I would.

Then I asked her if her mommy could throw the old blanket away. Yes.  That would be just fine. {Whew}


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