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Pretty labels.  So fun.  Easy, too. Just a quick explanation.  This photograph was in one of my Picasa files along with others like it.  I added text in Picasa and printed the pages of labels on glossy photo paper. I liked the shininess.




Next I decided on the size each label needed to be to fit in the little adhesive windows I have on my boxes and containers.  I cut the labels with my paper cutter.




Then I slid the labels into each window or bracket or other place where I label various unnecessary but joyful items such as my very limited collection of Stampington Company magazines. Since the little openings on the clear adhesive windows are often different sizes and shapes (from years of labeling over and over as the contents changed) it is easy to cut the labels to the correct size.



Things can always be ordinary. Or, things can be special. Yes, I can simply type the labels on regular card stock and do the same thing but these labels were quite fun. It is much more fun to re-label my boxes and jars and craft drawers with pretty labels like these.  They are easy, inexpensive and very personal !

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