Lydia’s Little Book

Oh, Lydia. What a character.

This is Lydia’s little Photograph Keepsake Book. I made it from carefully chosen photographs of Lydia which I had taken over many years. I could have made it as thick as 100 books because I have so many photographs of her to choose from. But, I made it from about 20 of my favorites.



For Lydia’s book, I chose to define a word that most came to my mind as I remembered the photograph and the moment. Lydia’s book let me crawl around in her little mind and try to guess what she might have been thinking. Only she knows if I was right.



I used overlay on a few of Lydia’s photographs. Overlay is so creative and is such a pleasant way to introduce symbolism beyond the photograph. Writing the definitions was a wonderful exercise in imagination and since Lydia is the Queen of so many things, I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.



YOU remains one of my favorites. Not only is the nose “so Lydia” but I even identified with the problem of the word “YOU”.  Lydia tells me that she loves her book and I am so glad.





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