Match the Robots Side to Side

journal entry:

I don’t know a boy or a boy-grown-into-a-man who doesn’t love robots. Old robots from the Flash Gordon days and new robots from the scientific laboratories.  From my robots and other space things folder of images I printed out 20 robots on 4×6 photo paper.  I mounted each on card stock with outer space things on it and cut each photo in half as shown. IT IS IMPORTANT TO CUT THE ROBOTS THIS WAY BECAUSE MANY OF THE ROBOT FEET ARE VERY SIMILAR.



I tried this new matching game out on a girl. Thinking that she might not be interested in it but would humor me. Little Afton stuck with it until she had matched every one. Afton is three.  After she matched the robots she asked to watch the “robot show”. That is the one with the same name, Robots.  You know.  Rodney and Piper and Fender.

So much for my theory that robot things are for boys.  In fact, Afton took it one step further and made “funny robots” by putting two mismatched pieces together. What do I know, anyway ?

These robots are for George. He loves robots. They are going in the mail. Then, I think I will make a set for Andrew which means I will have to make something similar for his little brother Owen. I already know what I will do for him.  FUN.  It is just plain fun.




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