More Than a Bowl Full of Cherries

MUCH more than a bowl full of cherries this year. Our pie cherry tree was loaded and it was a race to see who would get to eat the cherries first . . . the birds or our family.

You don’t have to worry about people eating these cherries right off of the tree. Pie cherries are very sour and even it you can trick a child into trying one, the cherry is rarely swallowed.

One very nice thing about the pie cherry tree is that most of the cherries are ready at the same time. Grandpa picked all of the cherries at once and I had a serious plan for them.


If you have never pitted pie cherries you have never known tedium. While it is easy to push out the little pits, you do have to throw the cherries into the right bowl and the pits into another. After an hour or so, it is very easy to throw things in the opposite bowl.

Perhaps it is just the brain trying to make up a better game !

The cherries are now in freezer bags. They will become a slab pie in a very large, shallow sweet-roll pan for our family gathering next week.

I think the pie will look very patriotic with a few blueberries added.

We are truly blessed.



(It’s a miracle I pitted all of those cherries.)


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