MORTALITY: My Favorite Photographs

The bond between brothers begins with a simple conversation.

This photo is a particular favorite of mine. I love the willingness to share, the reluctant willingness to receive and the help that is being given by the sharer’s mouth.

This particular photograph has become historically interesting. This is the now-closed gift shop at the Kennecott copper mine. A small tremor caused the collapse of one side of the open pit, very near this popular Visitor’s Center. It will not open again.

The polished rocks with their velvet drawstring bags have always been favorite keepsakes from years of visits to the mine. Children chose rocks with great care and resisted being rushed to decide.

So many of my favorite photographs have been taken in our garden. It is where the grandchildren have picked and eaten fresh food and when the season was over, they have often learned to work by harvesting and putting the garden to bed for the winter.

These are just a few of the types of photographs I have worked to capture for my posterity and for my own pleasure. They are examples of the photographs I am compiling in my MORTALITY series, highlighted on this website.


” Taking a photograph conveys importance.”


I didn’t take this but I wish that I had.

There’s a story in here.

I wish I knew her.

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