Nancy’s Apron

“Be to her virtues very kind, be to her faults very blind.”

-Matthew Prior-

journal entry:

When Grandpa and I were traveling through Oklahoma during the summertime, we stopped at a cafe.  It was right on the crossroads in the middle of nowhere.  Why in the world would anyone stick a cafe here, in the middle of nowhere ?  A couple of women owned the cafe.  We noticed the hustle bustle of the place right away.  The women knew almost everyone by name.  They were young-ish women.  Forties.  Each was wearing jeans and pearls and a very pretty Sunday Apron . . . just like my aprons.  It was the wildest combination of things.  Their touches were everywhere in their cafe.  Combinations of casual and red-neck, pearls and denim.  Lace and taffeta, mops and fine art.  The parking lot was full of big rigs.  Oh, and people like us.

Wherever we are.  Whatever we are doing.  We can look nice.  Nice and fancy.  Hope Nancy likes her fancy apron.  Take a chance.  That’s what the cafe women were doing and boy were they having fun!

“Women speak two languages – one of which is verbal.”

-William Shakespeare-

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