Fancy Little Knobs

journal entry:

Two words that are difficult to say together. Especially quickly. Odd knobs. Odd knobs. Odd knobs. But odd knobs aren’t difficult to find or difficult to love. Of course you can replace ordinary knobs with odd knobs or add odd knobs to crafts or use them as hooks anywhere you might have used an ordinary hook or peg. I don’t think that’s odd at all.

Once upon a time I replaced all of the knobs on my kitchen cupboards with little, distressed, pewter-looking bees. They didn’t fly with us when we moved but I fondly remember how they looked. I hope someone still loves them.  Buzz.


It helps to have somewhere cute to put  odd knobs. ( While you are deciding what to do with them.) Metal muffin tins with six little muffin holders are just one dollar at the dollar store. I used left-over spray paint to make the tins more fun.  The most ordinary things become extraordinary when you add paint. Especially bright paint !

It doesn’t matter to me if I have one knob or two. I mean two knobs that are the same.  Odd knobs are just like everything else I love to collect. They are completely useless but absolutely essential. Anyone with a “thing” for odd knobs knows exactly what I mean.


“When you are genuinely interested in one thing,

it will always leads to something else.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt-

( I wonder where these odd knobs will lead me?)


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