Oh, My Christmas Tree !

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  Everywhere you go.”

-Familiar Christmas Carol-

journal entry:

I can honestly say that there isn’t an ornament on our Christmas tree that wasn’t on sale somewhere.  I have found that unlike many years ago, Christmas decorations go on sale well before the day after Christmas.  Each ornament in our collection came from different places.  All have the same purpose.  To make a Christmas Tree that is magical for children. A Christmas Tree that is “touchable”.  Where children run to it and say “I remember this – I remember this.”  It is true that many of the ornaments are breakable but I really don’t worry about it.  Rather than hang them on hooks, I tie them on with tiny ribbon.  That way fingers can touch without pulling them off.   I have favorites.  Like the bride and groom on the left.  They came from a historic store that is no longer in business.  ZCMI.  Oh, I loved their Christmas ornaments.  When I used to prowl on the day after Christmas I always went there.  I have had the bride and groom for twenty-five years.  On the other hand, the fancy frog couple on the right came from a craft store.  A 50%- off sale.  I put both couples a little higher in the tree to keep them safe.  The bride is irresistible to little girls.

This year Kohl’s had a wonderful line of Christmas things.  That is where this soft sock monkey came from.  He is bigger than most ornaments but looks at home among the toys and animals on the tree. What about the funky flamingo?  Isn’t she cute in her feather tutu ?  I am always on the look-out for little things that appeal to children.  On sale, of course.

This little angel sits on top of the tree.  She is made of tin.  I bought her over twenty years ago.  Every year I try to give Christmas things away to my children and grandchildren if they tell me there is something they really love.  I used to have a soft bear in a red dress on the top of the tree.  It is now on my daughter’s tree.  I like that.

Of course, the best ornament of all is this handmade gift with a likeness of Jesus Christ.  It hangs low enough for little hands to touch and little voices to say:  Look, Grandma.  There’s Jesus.  Then I can say yes.  Would you like to hear a story about Him?

“There’s no place like home for the holidays, no matter how far away you roam.”

-Familiar Christmas Carol-

[ this fancy couple was added Christmas Day as a gift from Heather ]

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