Old Earrings



My mother loved costume jewelry. Nothing she had was worth much in dollars, but her earrings have become worth their weight in gold to my granddaughters. That is because they don’t have pierced ears and they love to dress-up. It has only been a week-or-so-ago that I got down the box and put it on the playroom table. Their response was:

“Grandma, you have clip-on earrings?

Why didn’t you tell us ?”


If you are a grandmother then you know how it goes. The kids rummage through the dress-ups. They say “ohhhh and ahhhh” about a million times before they settle on something to wear. That something will only last a few minutes before it will be discarded and they will be into something else. You will say “put it away first” before you give up and decide to clean up when it’s over.

Since these particular girls are too young to wear make-up, they are obsessed with mine. They beg and I give in. I say “just a little” and they say “okay” but look like Cover Girls when they are finished.¬† I have a mirror behind the playroom door, which is helpful. It keeps them from jumping up on my bed to see themselves in my dresser mirror which often becomes more jumping on the bed than looking in the mirror.


When the little girls dress up, they reveal quite a bit about themselves. They take it seriously. Afton had some very particular ideas about her clothes and jewelry combinations and how she wanted her photos to be staged. Her “black and white” outfit, complete with a ring, earrings and pearls was beautiful¬† When she changed the earrings, she rubbed her ear lobes. I remember watching countless women do just that when I was a child.

Some of the earrings really pinch but they don’t get lost as long as you can feel them.


When I asked Olive if she was going to feed the horses in her earrings, she noted that I was feeding the horses in mine. Leave it to a child to point out the silliness of what adults sometimes say.

I am so glad that I kept my mother’s earrings.

My grandchildren are having more fun with them than anyone could have imagined.







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