Old Memo Board Make-Over

I seldom paint anything.  If I say that I am going to . . . Grandpa always says he will do it for me.  That is because I am a messy painter.  Not sure why, but it is true.  He wasn’t around today when I thought about my old memo board.  I found it in the basement and brought it upstairs.  The question was:  “what in the world did I want to do with it ?”

Yellow was an interesting choice for me.  Even Grandpa lifted his eyebrows when he saw it because he knew I wasn’t a “yellow” person.  But I have wanted to be.  Yellow is so cheery and happy.  In this “anything goes” world of decorating . . . and especially in my own space, I couldn’t think of a single reason why I couldn’t paint something yellow.

I thought about scrounging around in the garage until I found some stain.  I thought about many ways to distress the memo board once it was dry.  Then I saw my Glimmer Mist.  The kind you spray on stencils.  I didn’t see why it wouldn’t work.  I made each spray quick and small.  I promptly spread and wiped it with a paper towel.  Then I moved along to the next space until the board was completely distressed.  I was feeling less and less distressed as the board looked better and better.

The mist worked great in the cracks in the top design.  I did sit and watch the paint dry.  But it dried fast.

One of my goals was to fix the memo board without going to the store.  My rule for myself was that I had to use what I could find around the house.  I went through my fabric pieces and found several which were big enough for the next step.  Then, I just plain chose one.  I didn’t agonize over it or ask anyone what they thought.  I figured that when I got tired of it I would just rip it out and start over. I measured the opening, cut heavy paper, glued fluffy interfacing to the paper, laid it on the newly ironed fabric and trimmed it so that I could fold two or three inches over each edge.  Then I sprayed Tacky Spray on the edges of the interfacing, one side at a time, and folded the fabric over tightly.

Okay.  Ready for the last step.  Glue it in.  Go ahead.  Glue it in.  I sprayed the damaged memo board with Tacky Spray and put the fabric piece inside of the opening.  I pushed and pushed until I could tell it was there to stay.

It wasn’t my usual kind of project and I was very proud.  And relieved.  I hadn’t wanted to put the old memo board away for another ten years because it was a blooper.  No blooper here.  My paints were old and had to be mixed.  The fabric was in my stash.  The rest of the supplies were all around me.  And so the cost was zero.  Zip.

I am actually looking at things with a “yellow” eye . . . wondering if it is possible to get away with painting one more thing.  Maybe for my kitchen ?

“Yellow !  What made you chose yellow?”

-my daughters-

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