Chicks are Pink

{ this grandma blog is a fun way to communicate with grandchildren who live far-away.

i can tell a story without being there and send the book along in the mail}



The little nest was filled with chicks when Lydia found it.  Pink chicks.  She carefully re-arranged them in the nest to be more comfortable.  When her brother and sister asked her if she wanted to play, she said no.  She had to care for her pink chicks.

Her sister Clara said that she was being silly.  Chicks weren’t pink.  They were yellow. George laughed and said “pink? . . . chicks are white”.

Lydia appealed to her mother who knew that Lydia was right.  HER chicks were pink. Her mother told her not to worry.  Chicks could be any color in the world.  So Lydia sat with her little nest in her little hands.  Before long, Clara took her yellow chicks for a walk and George found something else to do.  It wasn’t long before Mommy’s story-reading-voice came to the ears of Clara and George.  They sat close to their mommy while she read about Snip and Snap . . . and there in Lydia’s small hands was a teeny tiny nest filled with PINK chicks.

Lydia had been right all along !

“See”, said their mommy.  “Chicks can be any color you want them to be”




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