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I am ready to admit that I love “getting organized” as much as I love “being organized”. I am sure that Dr. Laura could explain it to me. That said, I was ready to “re-organize” my clear stamps. For some time they have been in DVD cases on a revolving spindle. While they were easy to find, the cases started to warp and wouldn’t close properly. It bugged me. I decided to use two matching boxes which were heavy and covered with bright vintage flowers.  Then I assembled the following supplies:

  • 8 x 11 card stock cut in half vertically
  • 6×6 card stock
  • metal brackets
  • brads for the metal brackets
  • CD cases
  • 9×12 lamination sheets



First I laminated the chocolate brown paper. Since the lamination sheets were 9×12, I was able to laminate two half sheets of card stock to each lamination sheet. When they were cool, I used a paper cutter to cut the lamination sheet in half. I rounded the edges with a “corner rounder”.  I used a Crop-o-dile to punch holes through the laminated dividers and brads to attach the brackets to the dividers.  The individual 6×6 sheets were some I had already cut by cutting a 12×12 piece of paper into four pieces. I didn’t laminate the smaller dividers but did attach the description to the paper with tiny brads.



The nice thing about the boxes I choose was the fact that I could organize two rows of CD cases in each box.  And, the boxes were free.  Well, I mean that I bought them about twenty years ago and have used them over and over for many things.  I attached a Smead adhesive pocket ( 4×6) to the front of the box and made a label to slip in by printing out a picture from my computer which I had written on in Picasa. I can change the box label easily as I change its contents.

I agree with the old adage “out of sight, out of mind”. It has a Grandma-type ring to it and it is absolutely true. If I can see it or find it quickly I will use it. If I can’t, well . . .



“If you have to dust it . . . you better love it.”

-Sara from


{I love it, Sara and I will dust it}


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