Hat Pins with Nostalgia to Spare


“A hair jewelry auction was held in 1980 when Clive Marchent,

who had been a hatpinologist for twenty-one years

parted with his 2,000 “hatpins of filigree, fancy work, pique, simulated pique, mosaic,

precious and semi-precious metals in both classical and Art Nouveau styles.”


From The History of Hat Pins

-Aneau Roblaire-


journal entry:

These hat pins are not from Mr. Marchent’s collection and I have never heard of a “hatpinologist”. Maybe I have now become one.

These pins are simply mine. Made by me for me for absolutely no reason except that I wanted to. They are images from the past.

They are also for sweet friends and family. Carefully placed in delicate pin cushions reflecting a time gone by when all things feminine were the joy of women’s lives and making things beautiful was an art and a craft and an expression of a woman’s personality.



Antique cups and rosette ribbon. Paper flowers held in place with pewter crowns.



Long pins with beaded tops and pewter leaves.



Beautiful blooms made of satin.



Fancy pins in fancy shoes.



Delicate pins with tiny stems.



Lovely pins from crystal balls.  Shiny black pins.



And why not angels?  Little guardian angels?



Or delicate, small flowers with pale, green leaves?



Or pale flowers much smaller than a dime?



” . . . if there is anything virtuous, lovely

or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things . . . “

-Thirteenth Article of Faith-








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