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Some of our grandchildren live far away.  Our visits are a few times a year.  It is hard for them to understand why they can’t just “go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house”.  This book is going far away so that two little boys will have an easier time remembering all of the fun things they have done at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. And also remember their cousins and uncles and aunts.

Because the “insides” of the book are saved in Picasa as collage sheets, I can easily print out as many books as I want to.  If fact I plan to.  One for each family.



I went back several years in my digital file and chose photographs which showed our grandchildren “doing things” at our home. I used the option to make a “contact sheet” in Picasa (one of the collage choices).  I chose twelve photographs at a time and saved them to “the tray”. Then I selected “collage” and then “contact sheet”.  After the photographs were neatly on the page I finished the collage.  THEN, I added the text using Picasa.  So.  If you ask the question “what can you do at Grandma and Grandpa’s house?” each photograph answers the question.

I printed out the contact sheets, mounted them on black card stock and laminated them. Then a kind and helpful grandpa helped me to bind the book using my Zutter. My book ended up with twenty-four pages which equals 288 memories from the lives of eleven grandchildren.


That is a lot of memories.

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