Canon 10-22 Lens: FUN.FUN.FUN


journal entry:


I have been practicing.  Over and over and over.  That is the beauty of digital technology.  I am trying to overcome my zoom lens habits and breathe like an ultra-wide angle photographer. Amateur photographer, that is.

I have never been one to take photographs of scenery. I can’t see how it will matter when all is said and done.  But, people I love. There is a different story. They are the story. So. I must learn to use my coveted Canon 10-22 lens taking photographs of people. That is what I have displayed here. It helped that my “subject” was feeling quite cooperative. Even let me put a ribbon in her hair. And grandpa gave her things to do in the garden. That helped.

The trick is getting close enough. Kids don’t like grown-ups to be right in their faces. And, kids become weary of the camera. That is why I have usually taken pictures of children with a zoom lens. I can sneak up on the moment that way.



I asked Afton if I could take a picture of her beautiful hair bow. She kindly tipped her head. I felt like I was right on top of her. It is so fun to see how this lens reaches around the edges of the space. I snapped away because I knew that she wouldn’t put up with my closeness for very long.




I was in heaven.  I had the most cooperative of subjects this day. She was patient and wonderful. When she asked to take a picture of me, I said “sure”. She did a pretty, good job trying to hold my heavy Canon 50D  camera.  I had the feeling I was going to like these photographs even before I saw them.





This is a little, green apple. It fell from the tree too early. Afton knows she can’t eat it but she is fascinated with it. It is absolutely perfect. I wonder what she is thinking?




I buy my sunglasses at the dollar store. It is true. If I had a nickle for every pair of sunglasses I have broken or lost or shared to death I would be a billionaire. So, I never mind when a little person asks to “borrow” my sunglasses.  That is especially true if I get a photograph out of the bargain.

So, I am a little further along on my learning curve as of this day. A little more comfortable with the nuances of the lens and more aware of flipping my brain around to accommodate a different way of looking at things. I am more in love with the lens every day . . . thanks to little Afton.



afterthought . . .

I confess that I did take a few pictures of “things” today. Grandpa likes to paint with watercolors and is always looking for new things to paint. Wonder if he will paint this one?


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