Organize Ribbon

“It is a good thing to follow the First Law of Holes:  If you are in one, quit digging.”

-Denis Healy-

“A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.”

-Napoleon Bonaparte-

journal entry:

These holes are different.  They are good holes. I love ribbon and always have.  From the ribbon in my childhood braids to the ribbon wrapped around a gift to the ribbon on a uniform, to the yellow ribbon tied around a tree to the ribbon holding together little keepsake books . . . it seems there is always a need for pretty ribbon.

True to my rule that if I can’t see it I won’t remember to use it . . . I solved my ribbon problem.   I used scarf hangers which I found at Ross.  Each hanger holds a lot of ribbon.  I looked long and hard at the cute little boxes with holes that are sold at the fabric store.  You know, the kind where you put the roll of ribbon inside and pull it smartly out of the hole?  Well.  Since I don’t buy any one ribbon in a large quantity, I couldn’t see how those little boxes would work for me.  Besides . . . I would have needed a dozen.  Not possible.  My ribbon is easy to see which means it is easy to use and is easy to put back.  One more organizational problem solved !

“As I put the ribbon through the holes a little person with me started thinking

about all the things in the world with holes.  I added doughnut holes to the list.

She pointed out to me that if doughnut holes were really holes,

you wouldn’t be able to see them because there isn’t anything in a hole.

She said that the doughnut hole was left in the doughnut.

We should call them doughnut middles.

Okay.  Done.”


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