Organize Scrapbook Borders

“When I learned how to sew, I forgot how to cook.”

-Author Unknown-

journal entry:

Scrapbooking borders have always driven me crazy.   They are hard to store and thus hard to find when I need them.  Everyone comes up with a different system for storing and finding things.  So far, this has worked well for me.  I used a 12×12 binder and 12×12 sheet protectors.  I sewed lines of different widths on the sheet protectors using my regular sewing machine.  I used small stitches.  I made the distance between each stitched line different widths so that I could store different kinds of borders.  Some pages have many stitched lines and some have a few wide spaces.  Many of my borders from the past are on fat sticker sheets.  They need to slip inside of a pocket that is about 6 inches wide.  So, I varied the widths on each page.  In they went ! Now, I can find every, single border without packing a lunch, because they all live together in one book.

“I used to come up with the perfect places for things.

Problem was that I couldn’t find them again.

Too clever is the same thing as lost.

Labeled and in plain sight is best.”



  1. kelly

    Thank you
    thank you
    thank you!!
    After a pretty bad day at a scrappin’ event (only 3 pages done), I needed a way to redeem myself. I stumbled upon your blog and thank you! That same night I got out my sewing machine and stared practicing on regular page protectors. I also googled 12×12 binders and page protectors. I wasn’t happy with the pricing and then remembered that I had an inexpensive post bound 12×12 album. Well, I now have all my boarders, sticker sheets and misc. oversized goodies in easy to see pages. I took it one step farther and made pockets. To make the pockets I did insert a piece of paper before I sewed the sizes I needed.
    You have changed my life!! Ok, maybe not my life – but at least the way I scrap! Thank you!

  2. Sandra

    Oh, Kelly ! So glad you found something that worked for you! Don’t you just love the Internet and the world of blogs? Since my blog isn’t monetized, it isn’t on the radar but I appreciate your kindness in sending me a note and I am so happy that you stumbled on it !


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