Organize Rubber Stamps

“Some people like shoes.  I like stamps.

Some of the older stamps seem kind of goofy now but I’m keeping them.

Everything weird comes back.”


journal entry:

First, let’s get this out of the way.  Yes, it is true.  I have too many stamps.  BUT, I don’t just look at them . . . I actually do use them.  So, now let’s talk about storage.

The quest to organize rubber stamps is endless.  The problem is that if you don’t organize so that you can “find” you might as well not.  I will not pretend that I came to this conclusion at the beginning of my collecting.  I didn’t.  But this works for me.

I know that the craft stores sell these wonderful, plastic boxes in many sizes.  I found the craft stores to be TOO expensive.  These plastic storage boxes came from the Xpedex paper store in Salt Lake City.  I use three sizes.  I use 12×12 for most of my stamps.  I like being able to see through the lid and also like that the boxes stack and nest into each other.   The smaller boxes seen here are about 7×7.  I like to put certain seasonal stamps together, like Halloween, Christmas, Easter.  It makes it easier to find them quickly and makes it easier still to put them on the shelf when their season is over.  I love the tight seal on the lid.  A child can pick up the box and carry it around.  Unless they have a melt-down and drop it off of a building, the stamps stay inside.

Another great thing about storing this way is that the lids on all of the boxes are raised.  You can actually put two layers of rubber stamps in each box.  I try not to do that because then I can’t see underneath . . . but in the case of holiday stamps, the numbers are smaller and easy to move around.

I have also bought 9×11 boxes which are great for lots of things.  As with the other sizes . . . everything can be seen and they are stackable !


  1. Sandra

    Hope you got my email. Just in case I will add the information here for others who have asked about the plastic containers I use to store rubber stamps. I don’t know if Xpedex has a website or sells online. The imprint on the lid of the containers says: Protect-n-Store. Reorder by calling 1.866.700.PACK. Hope that helps. Sandra

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