Organize Foam Stamps

“Order is the shape on which beauty depends.”

-Pearl S. Buck-

journal entry:

I love organizing things almost as much as I enjoy using things.  I have a special place in my heart for jars.  They always catch my eye.  These jars turned out to be perfect for my foam stamps.  Foam stamps are odd.   They feel like feathers but are often odd shapes and some are really big.  Like the letter “M”.  Ross is my favorite place for odd jars.  It never has very many of any one thing . . . so if I want it . . . I have to decide right then.  There were four tall jars with red lids on the shelf.  If I had walked to the other end of the store to think about it, they would have been in someone else’ basket.  Don’t ask me how I know these things, but I do.   They were just too cute.  The best part is that I can see inside of them.  If I can see something, I will use something.   If I have tucked something neatly away,  it will most likely stay that way.  You can store and display and organize almost anything in jars.  Isn’t that fun?

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