Organize Scrapbook Embellishments

“Jewelry takes people’s minds off of your wrinkles.”

-Author Unknown-

journal entry:

This is scrapbook jewelry.  It just keeps getting better and better.  Keeping it in sight is another matter.  At first I used tiny, individual, see-through plastic jars for each type of “embellishment”.  When it became apparent that I would have to stack the little jars on something and move the first row in order the see the back row . . . I began to think again.   I found this fun “real jewelry” keeper at TJ Maxx.  I liked it because everything can be closed with a zipper, it had lots of separate compartments, it easily hangs on a door or handle and it has the same things on both sides.  I was able to put every little tiny thing into one place without stacking or moving anything.  Just ZIP . . . and UNZIP.  Nothing to spill (unless little people get into it), but even that is easier because there are no lids to mess with.

I am sure that people don’t even notice my wrinkles any more. They are too busy looking at my embellishments ! Now, that doesn’t sound right, does it !

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