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journal entry:

Grandmothers worry more than they did when they were mothers and much more than they did when they were children.  I guess that as you live longer, you become acquainted with more things to worry about.  One thing I did not want to worry about was photographs.  Yes, I know.  I could back them up online, at home and on the moon.  But if everyone loses power or their computers or their special businesses which are babysitting my photographs . . . what then?

In true Grandma form, I made sure that I could stop worrying about this, one thing.  Every time I download photographs from my Canon 50D camera, I edit the file and then make a CD of all of the photographs.  This way I know that I can plug in the CD whenever the world returns to normal and save my photographs which are an essential part of my family’s history

I found these CD boxes at Wal-Mart.  They were too expensive.  I needed ten.  I waited and waited.  I watched.  Then, they appeared on the discount shelf because they were “last season’s color”.  Brown was actually my color. Yellow and green were not my colors.  I bought the brown and acted like I was disappointed that there weren’t more “last season’s colors” to choose from.  (Tee Hee)

All photographs from the digital age are now in little, neat, brown boxes with dates on the front.  They are stacked neatly on top of the hutch in my “personal space”.  Crash away computer.  I’m not worried.

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