Overlay: Telling Stories With Symbolism


Making Favorite Photographs Into Keepsakes

Over the years I have chosen some favorite photographs of people I love and enhanced the moment by using “overlay”. There is nothing difficult or magical about the process except that one has to prowl around the Internet for images that are suitable for this process. I produce the final photograph by creating a collage and putting one image over the other.


(all photographs are the property of www.allthingsgrandma.com)


I have made a few little books for grandchildren as keepsakes.

To some I have added text and others I have let the symbolism speak for itself.

Some of the finished photographs have meaning to me and no one else.



A few challenges are inherent in the process.


The overlay must be fixed on the page without obscuring the main person but in a way that the viewer must search around with interested eyes for the details of each image and make connections. It can take some time to find an overlay that is compatible with a particular photograph.



When I made Tally’s most recent book, he said this one (pictured above) was his favorite.

I can see why.







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  1. Clara Watrous

    There are beautiful Grandma! I love the pictures you choose, they make a wonderful image and it is so fun to search through and find the details!

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