Party Animal Birthday Cake


Party Animals.

That’s what we were.

Doing a million things over many days.

Four of us had July birthdays and so it was fun to celebrate with the whole family together.

Animals from the playroom.

Tutus made from sparkly net tied around hair bands.

A large, yummy, Costo cake which easily served 26 people.


It is a funny habit we have. Blowing all over a cake and then slicing it for everyone to eat. Not that I see the tradition going away any time soon, but in our germ-aware world, I am surprised that someone hasn’t objected to birthday cakes with candles. I made things worse with this cake. The candles burned like sparklers and flamed back to life right after they went out.

At least the germs were all in the family.


My children wondered why I bought the horns but my grandchildren knew exactly why.

As their parents rolled their eyes the children blew louder.

After all, they are Party Animals !

{ and grandparents welcome the wonderful noise }


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