Pumpkin Harvest: Storytelling Photographs



journal entry:

Grandpa likes to leave the pumpkins on their vines until the last possible moment. This year, the weather stayed warm well into November but the pumpkins were ready in late September. The Grandchildren keep track of the pumpkins and pick out their favorites. When it is time, they get to use the infamous “pumpkin knife” with Grandpa’s help and the hand pruners to cut the easier stems.

I want to remember the relationship between Grandpa and his grandchildren more than I want to remember the pumpkins. Planting and keeping a garden is a wonderful way to talk with little children without other influences. There are no phones or computers nor is there any music in the garden. There are only lizards, bees, worms, bugs, dragon flies and an occasional garden snake. There are only bird sounds.

These photographs contribute to our ongoing family history. They show the seasons of planting and harvesting and the seasons of life.

Old and young.


Some photographs are reminders to watch where you step

and what you do and say because someone may be following very closely behind you.


“No farmer ever plowed a field by turning it over in his mind.”


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