Raccoons Celebrate Christmas, Too




journal entry:

As I continued to prowl around for Bristle Animals for my new Christmas Nativity,

I found two very angelic raccoons.

Perhaps they didn’t look very angelic when I found them

with their black masks

and shiny, black eyes,

and bushy, striped tails,


by the time I added their very pretty curls and

 their very white angel wings,

they were feeling very festive, indeed.

Like other Bristle Animals, they were somewhat bendable.

Their little curls came in a small package, available in many colors.

I snipped several lengths of the bouncy curls and glued them onto the raccoons’ tails and heads.

They look like little animals with fresh holiday perms.

Cute. Cute.

( I hope they get along with the penguins)

[illustration by Qin Leng]

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