Pretty Pleasant Plump Plopping Pillow



journal entry:

Easier than the last batch of cushions.

For sure.

This was Afton’s birthday cushion. I made it and she loved it.

She plopped right down on it. That is the test.

Two 36″ circles of duck fabric. One for the front and one for the back.

Poly-fill. Lots of it.

Sew right sides together with a small opening to turn right-side out

and big enough to reach a hand in to add the poly-fill.


 Pressed the seems and sewed around the whole pillow

to the opening about an inch from the edge of the pillow.

That makes a ruffle, sort of.

Filled the pillow FULL and closed up the opening on the sewing machine.

Next came a pom pom made out of ribbon yarn

which I sewed through the middle of the pillow by hand

to the back and up again under the pom pom to secure.

I pulled it tight to enhance the gathered look.



It is called a Pretty Pleasant Plump Plopping Pillow

because kids can just plop it on the floor

and plop pleasantly down on it.


Tongue twisters make kids laugh. Over and over and over.

And, over and over.

I can barely write it.


[illustration by Qin Leng]

” You can’t fake listening. It shows.”


(if the grandchildren tell you there isn’t enough stuffing in the pillow -LISTEN)

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