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If there was ever a church calling custom-made for me . . . it is this one. It is just like throwing Brer Rabbit into the Briar Patch. It certainly will take weight off of the shoulders of those in charge who already have a great deal to do and I can’t think of anything I would rather do.

This is what I made for each sister as the “birthday hello” from the Relief Society. I found this wonderful retro image on the Internet and printed it out in multiples on brochure paper. I like brochure paper better than photo paper because the back is as smooth as the front. I trimmed the images with a border and then moved on to the fun part.

I had long thought of making little pincushion rings but had absolutely no reason to do so. Armed with “a good reason” I made many. I bought the ring blanks and used super glue to attach a firm, felt ball. I poked each one with a bright pin or three, popped each one into a small bag and attached the bag with a brad. The balls are different colors so together with the card, there is happy color everywhere.

As each young woman in the ward graduates from high school, she begins attending Relief Society. The Presidency wanted something to welcome the young women and so I made the following:

This is what is inside of the envelope. It is printed on brochure paper and placed in a brown paper envelope. The little flower basket and tag are attached with twine through a hole in the envelope.

Ours is a ward of young people. One of these will be needed almost every month.

Now and then, someone comes by invitation to share something with the Relief Society. It may be a presentation, a “make-this-fun-thing” event or something else. It is customary to say thank-you in some way. Here is the way:

The little plaques came from Hobby Lobby and the thank-you cards from the Dollar Store.

In all things, I have been frugal. Most things take more time than money to make and that was true of these first adventures into the calling of Gift Specialist.








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