Sailing Swans




journal entry:


Swimming and sailing and sweeping through the sky.

Companion print to the multiplying giraffes which is found on this site in another post.

I wanted puffy and poofy.

I wanted someone I love to feel that the swans in the clouds were holding her up.

Finished and in her Christmas box.

Flying through the air to her house, far away.





These swans are graceful.

They have gold crowns on their heads.

They are outlined in pale pink thread by hand.

All of the hand quilting was completed before the backing was added.

I used my regular sewing machine with a regular stitch to free-quilt the back to the front.

(as shown in the next photograph)

I bound the quilt by hand using a blind stitch.

Then, every few inches, I gathered up the binding and added a small, satin rosebud.





“Whenever you are sincerely pleased, you are nourished.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-


[ illustration by Qin Leng ]

( I am sincerely pleased)


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