She Said What ?

“A characteristic of a normal child is that she doesn’t act that way very often.”

-Author Unknown-

journal entry:

I have come to realize that the things I encourage my children to do for their children are the things I should have done but didn’t and wish that I had.   Every time a child says something funny or startling . . . everyone within earshot says “write it down”.  If I had known that I would wish I had . . . written things down . . . maybe I would have tried harder.  So, when I hear my grandchildren say cute or surprising things . . . or their parents call to tell me something funny their child said . . . my first response is “write it down.”

The problem is time.  And a notebook and a pen.  If you don’t have a system it won’t happen.  Anyway, when parents are young they remember everything.  They think that they always will.  Well, they won’t.  So, how about a little book.  A book that can live in a very convenient place in the kitchen and can house all of those cute sayings through the years?   I could have done this without a cute book.  I wish, I wish I had.

The dollar bins at Target are right when you walk inside of the store.  One day I found these wonderful Stamp Its books for $1.00.  I bought three.  Then I proceeded to make a “Afton Said What?” book for my daughter.  Afton is little but is already saying hilarious things.  A few years ago I made them for other little grandchildren but didn’t take pictures of them if you can believe that !

I am not one to put together tutorials so my ideas in photographs will have to do.  I cut and traced and stamped and laminated and punched and trimmed.  I added stickers and some twine.  Each page is stamped with Blah, Blah, Blah . . . Since little hands won’t be playing with the book . . . I hope, I didn’t have to worry quite so much about the surfaces.

Here you go Afton’s mommy.  Do better than I did.  Write things down.   I wish I could remember the whole thing Uncle Dan said when he was small . . . it was something about kicking something from Salina all the way to China but I can’t remember the rest . . .  See.  Wouldn’t it be fun to know?

“You can learn a lot of things from children . . . like how much patience you have.”

-Franklin Jones-


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