Skirts for Cinderella


Cinderella is coming next month.

At least that is what her big brothers are calling her.

Therefore, I made a couple of little skirts for Cinderella. Just in case her mother wanted something teeny and tiny and fancy for some early photographs.

The first little skirt is a tutu. Rather than tie the strips to elastic, I hemmed long strips of soft netting which I stretched as I hemmed along. I don’t have a fancy sewing machine but found that a wide zig-zag stitch pulled tight on this type of fabric creates a lettuce leaf edge.  I folded the strips over in different widths so that they would be layered. Then I sewed down a few inches along the top to make a casing for the elastic. After I threaded the elastic through the casing, I sewed three belt loops from ribbon. Then I made a belt by threading the ribbon through and tying it in the back. I added  a soft brown flower and let out a sigh of relief.

Perfect for a newborn princess like Cinderella for her first photo-shoot!

 ( or perfect to hang on a hook in her bedroom with or without the photo-shoot)





Next I made a happy little red, white and blue skirt. It took almost no fabric at all and measures barely 10 inches from top to bottom. Perfect to slip over a onesie until Cinderella starts to crawl and everyone knows that you can’t crawl in a skirt.

I don’t think that I will make tutus the old way ever again now that I know how very easy it is to make these “lettuce leaf” ruffles.

See you soon, Cinderella.

– Grandma-

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