Snack Mix for Kids


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Snacks are part of a family get-together. This snack mix was yummy and it contained only a few pieces of candy. Parents are happy about that. They know far more about sugar buzzes and dentist bills than I do.  I have conveniently forgotten.


I mixed this together the day before everyone came and stored it in the pantry. It contains pretzels, crackers, fish crackers, gummy bears, fruit snacks and M&Ms. I made the rule that you can’t “pick things out” but you have to take what you get when you grab a handful to put in your bowl. And, no putting back. Certainly not.  If that rule hadn’t been in force, the mix would have looked like a box of Lucky Charms after little hands have fished out all of the marshmallows.   Just plain BLAH.

Over the days of the get-together, most of the mix was eaten. It was easy enough to to tell the children to get a small Ziploc bag and take the snack outside, on the quilts, in the shade, with their water bottles or into the playhouse for a pretend party.

This is just a little post about a little thing that turned out to be a BIG help !


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