Frozen Toys on a Hot Day


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Hooray for Pinterest !  This clever idea from its pins was a big hit at our family gathering.  I bought lots of different items which came in multiples at the Dollar Store and at Target. Instead of making a BIG block of ice and giving the kids hammers . . . (who gives a child a hammer in a group of other children?) I froze things in many different- sized pans and determined to free the frozen things in more safe ways.

I made certain that each block of ice was THICK with treasures.


Instead of giving the children anything at all with which to chip away at the ice . . . I told them that they could work alone or work together to solve the problem of freeing the little toys.  They went about it many different ways. Some used sharp rocks. Some looked for sticks.

The boys eventually went to the cement and threw their blocks of ice onto it.


All the goodies came crashing out.


 There were plenty of “look what I found”s and “I want one of those” es

but for the most part, everyone was happy and there were plenty of Frozen Finds to go around.



Older kids helped younger kids. To really little kids, the task seemed impossible. Considering that the temperature was 100 degrees that day, it wouldn’t have been long before all of the Frozen Finds would have been free if they had done nothing at all.

But where is the fun it that?



  • Put the pans with the toys already in them into the freezer FIRST. Then add water.
  • Use a cookie sheet over the top of the first layer of pans. Fill. Put the next layer on top. Fill.
  • Quickly dip the bottom of the frozen pan in some water or in a nearby wading pool and the ice block will slip right out.
  • Don’t let two kids chip away at the same little block of ice with sharp rocks unless all fingers are out of the way. (One accident to report)



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