End-of-Summer Flowers


 journal entry:

It takes an entire summer to grow flowers. When they are at their peak . . . fall sneaks in.  That is why I am cutting like crazy and enjoying them in the house.

I really didn’t expect much this season. In the spring we moved the cutting garden perenials from what had become a shady fence line to a sunny fence line. I added some annuals, known for their height and color. I was pleasantly surprised how beautifully it all filled in.

The dark hollyhocks used to grow all around our yard. As the trees grew, the sun couldn’t shine through and the hollyhocks gradually went away. They love sun. Our son had long ago harvested the pods and had planted them in his much warmer, sunnier climate. When it came time to replant the cutting garden, he sent some of the seeds to us from the very hollyhocks which had originally grown in our yard. Dark purple-black and pink.





It was overcast today. Before long it began to rain. It had a late August look to it. Everything smelled earthy. I used my Canon 10-22 Wide Angle Lens to take the photographs of the flowers. I liked knowing that while everything would soon die . . . it would come back in the spring. That is simply the most incredible idea.



This is only the second season for the grapes. They will have to hurry to make it before the first cold spell. Our neighbor actually surprised us with them.  He planted them on his side of the fence in a back pasture so that they would grow on our side of the fence. They did and they have.

I planted State Fair Zinnias close to the fence. They are now 3 to 4 feet tall. The flowers in front of them help to hold them up. I think they are my favorite annual for cutting.

The hollyhocks have pods to be harvested. In the spring I will add more hollyhocks to the fence line. Straw Flowers are yellow, white and brown. They are annuals. They can be cut and brought inside. They simply dry as does the status which is lavendar, purple and white.


 What a beautiful world.


 “Weeds are flowers, too . . . once you get to know them.”

-A.A. Milne-

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