Super Powers Cape for Henry


Have you met Henry? You have missed something if you haven’t. Henry is my newest grandchild and he is a “keeper”. He may have a little challenge ahead of him while he is  still very small and so I thought that I would like to do something for Henry which had some symbolism.

Why not a little cape . . . just like the Super Heroes wear ?

A cape to represent strength and power. That was what I thought and that is what I made.

I hope he doesn’t fly away when he puts it on !



Henry’s mother can tuck it away and when he is older, she can “find it” again.  Then, she can tell him all about it. About what a Super Hero he is and how many people love him.  Then she can let Henry put the cape on his dog . . . if he has one.

“Just between us . . . Henry.”


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