Peat Pot Place Cards for Easter Dinner


Sunday is Easter and the ham is in my refrigerator. But how will people know where to sit?

What a silly question.

They will know because I will give them a hint. A peat pot hint.

SO, SO quick and easy. Here are the parts:

  • 4′ peat pots (12 for $2.69 at Smith’s Marketplace)
  • Natural-colored coffee filters ($1 per package at Dollar Tree)
  • Moss (In a bag from Michael’s)
  • Chipboard chicks (From Craft Warehouse )
  • Yarn, flower, glitter and twine
  • Wire

I pushed the coffee filter into the pot and added the moss. ( Doesn’t the ruffle look cute?)

I punched a hole in the little chick, added the name with stickers and tied it onto the wire handle. (Pink 20 gauge wire from Michael’s)

I tied the yarn onto the handle and added the flower and an egg.

I sprayed the peat pot lightly with adhesive and quickly poured some glitter on it.

Ready. I am Ready !


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