Retro Kitchen Towels


“She was the life of the Tupperware Party.”

-Goofy Retro Saying-


Retro is a funny word. Retro things often give me a “funny” feeling. I have to admit that I have had fun recently making some “retro” kitchen towels to share with family and friends and to hang in my own kitchen.

My plan is to make two different kinds of towels. This kind is number one. I bought the “Big One” towels at Kohl’s in a package of five. One package had yellow towels and white towels with yellow lines. The other package had red towels and white towels with red lines.

I bought 1/4 yard pieces of fabric at the Quilt Shop ( you can make two towels from 1/4 yd with a square left over ) and scrounged through my rick-rack and other trims for the finishing touches. I ironed the edges under each piece of fabric on four sides, after cutting each piece to fit in the middle of the bottom half of each towel.  Then I simply sewed VERY closely around the edges, slipping the trim in as I went merrily along.

Quilt shops and fabric stores have an abundance of “retro” fabric just now.  When I finished these towels I began to think about more. So, I bought some bright green and bright blue towels at Ross for almost nothing and plan to start on them very soon. This time I plan to go for the bottom ruffles !

What a bright and cheery gift for someone who is in need of a lift !  Tied with a wide ribbon and given with a card . . . I imagine that these simple kitchen towels just might be a silly but useful “retro” hit !

“And, I do remember going to and hosting Tupperware Parties

when I was a young bride.

 It was the only way I could get the “egg separator”

and the “thing” you poked into the orange to drink the juice.”



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