Easter Sunday Once Again


Easter Sunday. The most wonderful day.

I cooked the ham and made the rolls. My daughters brought the rest of the meal. We ate and talked and tried to keep the children inside until everyone was finished. The boys kept looking out of the windows so that they could get a quick start when the Easter Egg Hunt started.

 Holden made this “chick holder” a few days before. { That’s what he called it }  He glued the moss inside of each egg cup and then added the fuzzy chicks. He has always had a thing for “fuzzy chicks” and checks with me every year to see if I have bought them yet.



Afton picked out her own dress. And, much to our surprise, she seemed to actually enjoy having her picture taken. Afton has to be in the mood, you know.

Because it was a beautiful day, no one needed a jacket. In fact, the children needed sunscreen.



I wasn’t going to take a chance that I might miss some nice photographs so I used my telephoto lens. Getting good photographs of children seems to be more pleasant for everyone concerned that way. Most of the time the children don’t even know that the camera is looking at them. If Afton knew, she didn’t mind. Holden and Talmage knew but they didn’t mind either.



The little cousins ran and ran and filled their baskets with plastic eggs.

When they stopped to breathe . . . so did we.



There were eggs in the trees ( hummmmm) and curious birds.

There were noisy little finches, cooing doves and a squawking magpie.


The Easter Bunny had come to each of their houses while they were sleeping. We talked about what he brought and where they found it. The little boys followed written clues to find their Easter Baskets. Afton’s basket had a little mermaid tucked in it.  Everyone went to church with bellies full of sugar. Wonder how that worked out?



I am grateful for the celebration of Easter

and for the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for me and everyone I love.

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