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Memorial Day is coming fast.  And with it comes our family.  Sons and daughters and “in-laws” and grandchildren.  For many days.  That means lots of noise and food and mess and FUN.  All made better by bright and happy personalized shirts . . . made by me.   DON”T TELL. They are a surprise for the kids.



Here is what I did:

  • Bought shirts for $2.50 cents each at Hobby Lobby.
  • Cut the itchy tags out of each neck.
  • Assembled bright and happy fabric scraps to choose from.
  • Bought a roll of Heat Bond Ultra-Hold at Wal-Mart.  $5.97 for 5 yards.
  • Used my Silhouette Cutting Machine to cut the shapes and the letters as explained next.


Now, I have to say that I intended to follow Silhouette’s instructions for cutting fabric but they don’t sell pure iron-on backing.  Their products require sewing and I certainly wasn’t going to sew these little things on every shirt.  So I experimented.  I cut a piece of fabric the size of the animal I wanted to cut and also a piece of the heat bond.  I ironed the heat bond with the right side of the fabric up and the paper on the heat bond showing on the back against the ironing board.  I put the fabric face up on my  Silhouette cutting mat and used the “heavy card stock” setting to cut.  It was a breeze. I peeled the whole thing off at once and separated the cut image from the scrap parts.  I peeled the paper off of the back of the cut applique and positioned the applique on the shirt.  Using a iron set on the cotton setting and applying the iron for only about 5-ish seconds, I ironed the fabric applique onto the shirt.  Then I repeated the steps with the fabric I had chosen for the name.  Always with the iron on the fabric which was always fabric-side  up.



I bought sew-on googly eyes for the animals so they wouldn’t come off and no one could eat them.   I LOVED being able to cut and iron-on so quickly and cut my letters from any font I wanted to use !  I can think of a million things to do with my cutting machine.  I just need more time.  Goof-off time.




It won’t be long and the kids will be wearing the shirts and I will be running around after them taking pictures.  When it comes to taking pictures of the whole group together, I will need bribes.  Serious bribes. And mommies.  Lots of mommies.



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